For too long, our Missouri State Legislature is seen as a brick wall — resistant to change and pandering to everyone but the voices of Missourians. 

It is time we work collectively to bring government back to the people by meeting people where they are, speaking to them in a language they understand, and elevating different voices to hear multiple perspectives when discussing policy. Our Missouri government should work for everyone.


When I first ran for 12th Ward Alderman in the City of St. Louis, I focused on the injustices and gaps running deeply throughout the city — the inequitable distribution of city services, laying a framework for investing in our children for economic growth, and rebuilding the people’s trust in government. 

I’ve learned from my time as 12th Ward Alderman how many of these areas come to a road block by our state government.

The reason I’m running for Missouri State Representative of the 81st District is to change the mentality of “us versus them.” I want to work with my constituents to extend their voices to the state level and get them real answers to these problems we face every day.


As a lifelong public servant, a vote for me as your 81st State Representative means you value having your voice heard in our state legislature. You believe we must work together throughout all levels of government to actively tackle the issues facing us in the City of St. Louis. Most importantly, you believe we need to see a shift in government to see real change in our area.
Join me in the fight for our future, and together we’ll build a Missouri for everyone.

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