Bill Stephens


A True Missouri Democrat. 
A True Representative for the People.

I grew up in two separate households — one was with a single father who was a union steelworker and the other was with a single mother whose family was made up of firefighters and EMTs. To say that neither side was a stranger to only making ends meet is an understatement since many times we had to make do with what we had or go without completely. This is the reality, though, for many people in Missouri.

Even into my adult life, I faced hardships that are all too common to many people in our state. An example is not being able to afford a college education because of financial insecurity. I had to watch as my dream of becoming the first college graduate in my family was put on pause for almost a decade. It wasn’t until 2020 when I was able to restart this journey and begin classes at St. Louis University where I now study Greek & Latin languages, Classical Studies, and American Studies.

We are a cumulative of our own experiences but there are common threads we all share. I’m here running for State Representative of House District 81 because I understand what our community faces. I understand struggle and the painful emotions that come with it. In short, I understand because I am the people I represent.

Pro-Choice Rights Ally

Sponsored & Passed (2021): Resolution 141, a resolution declaring the City of St. Louis a sexual and reproductive healthcare safe zone ensuring people’s rights to reproductive freedom
Attendee of the Women’s March (2017)
Teen Advocate for Sexual Health at Planned Parenthood (2008)

LGBTQ+ Rights Activist

Sponsored & Passed (2021): Resolution 43 & 59, resolutions recognizing and acknowledging incredible members of the LGBTQ+ community and their contributions to St. Louis
Speaker, Archivist, & Parade Attendee at Pride St. Louis
Board Member for Growing American Youth (2008-2014), the second oldest LGBTQ+ organization
Attendee of the March for Equality (2008)

Education Champion

Speaker & Attendee for March for Our Lives (2022)
Former Youth Services Provider in Early Childhood Outreach for St. Louis Public Library
Former Public Servant with the St. Louis Art Museum and the St. Louis County Library

Union Upbringing

I saw firsthand how unions fought to keep my father, a steelworker, employed with medical coverage for both of us and adequate paid time off. It was because of his union, United Steelworkers Local 9014, that my single father was able to be there for his son.

First Responder Family

I was raised within the firefighter community because my grandfather, James Helbig, was Fire Chief for the Crestwood Fire Department and the Missouri State Fire Marshal for eight years. I have fond memories at the firehouse but I also remember how these individuals brave the worst facets of human life every day. They do so as public servants to our community.

News & Announcements

July 22, 2022
Bill Stephens Reacts to SCOTUS Decision on Roe v. Wade and Missouri’s Abortion Ban

Contact: Luke Davis Campaign Manager, Stephens for Missouri (314) 651-3166  BILL STEPHENS REACTS TO SUPREME COURT DECISION AND THE BAN OF ABORTIONS IN MISSOURI The State Representative candidate vows to fight to protect the right to choose ST. LOUIS (June 24, 2022) — Bill Stephens, current 12th Ward Alderman for the City of St. […]

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March 5, 2022
Bill Stephens Announces Campaign for State Representative of House District 81

News Release For Immediate Release BILL STEPHENS ANNOUNCES HIS CAMPAIGN FOR MISSOURI STATE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES The 12th Ward Alderman for the City of St. Louis looks to represent the 81st House District Bill Stephens Headshot (left); Bill Stephens Files for Candidacy on March 7 (right) ST. LOUIS (March 7, 2022) — Bill Stephens, current […]

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As a lifelong public servant, a vote for me as your 81st State Representative means you value having your voice heard in our state legislature. You believe we must work together throughout all levels of government to actively tackle the issues facing us in the City of St. Louis. Most importantly, you believe we need to see a shift in government to see real change in our area.
Join me in the fight for our future, and together we’ll build a Missouri for everyone.

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